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Our Chicken's

 Solah Farm is located on beautiful Vancouver Island, where we raise our children and chickens! We run a small production farm with only chicks and hatching eggs available through custom orders. It's a hobby for us, not really a big business. That being said, our lines originate from very reputable breeders and are not bred or sold as "just another chicken". We put effort in learning the breed standards and applying that knowledge to our chickens. We don't show them, so we can't really say they've "won" anything, just our hearts. Our chickens are like our pets and as such, they are treated with love and respect. They free range here on the farm, have a warm coop to roost in at night and treats galore.
 We keep our poultry breeding small scale, so that all our hens live happy lives, free ranging and eating fresh grass and bugs.  If you would any information about the breeds we have or would like to place an order, please contact us.

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