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Well, here we go! A new start...

Hi! And welcome to our new website and blog! This is a new start for us and Solah Farm. We started our little hobby farm in 2011 with a few chicks and a new acreage in Nanaimo B.C. Our enjoyment and love of poulty grew everyday along with the chicks! Before we knew it, our flock grew with the additon of different breeds and different kinds of birds. Not to sound too Forest Gump here, but chickens are like a box of chocolates, you try different ones and soon figure out what your favorite ones are! We also decided to throw some ducks and guinea fowl in the that box.

Flash forward 4 years and we have now moved to Courtenay B.C, with chickens, ducks and guinea fowl in tow. Our farm is starting over. But here's where it gets interesting (as if chickens weren't interesting enough). We bought ourselves 100 acres of raw land! Now, when I say raw land, I mean nothing on it at all, nada, zippo, ziltch. So, thus far, we have built a chicken coop for the flock to live in and a home for ourselves. I will be blogging not only about our chickens and other farm animals that might come our way, but about the development of Solah Farm. The fun stuff and the not so fun stuff. The easy things and the things that seem impossible, that we just might be able to figure out. So, please feel free to join us. Ask questions, give suggestions! It's a new adventure for us and here we go......

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